Babar Azam Wants to Be Like Imran Khan

The newly appointed ODI captain, Babar Azam, has expressed his desire to emulate the legendary Imran Khan in terms of attacking captaincy, he said in an online press conference on Monday.


I would like to go with what I have learned that is attacking. So, I would like to follow Imran Khan style of captaincy.

According to him, captaincy can become an easy job if you have your players’ support.

I have learned enough to drive the game on my own in the field with my decisions.
Talking about learning from the seniors, he said that he always looks up to Misbah-ul-Haq, the head coach, however, he makes his own decisions in the field. He also said that it’s a wrong impression that coaches control captains. It’s a team game and their suggestions are vital, however, the final decision is made by the captain.

Confidence is the key and the more you back your players, they will give their best. With player support you can have a bed of thorns turn into a bed of roses.

Babar, who is also the T20I captain, said that leading the side is a challenging task, however, he is ready to give his best. The 25-year-old said that he wants to take his team into the top 3 in ODI rankings, adding that Pakistan is currently very low-ranked.

The premier batsman further said that getting the call for captaincy made him happy.

You can’t complain that you got it early or it’s a big responsibility. If they (PCB) invested their trust in me, obviously they thought it through and saw a potential in me and I am ready for this.

Talking about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the star batsman said that if cricket returns to empty stadiums, other teams will find it challenging, however, Pakistani cricketers have experienced this for the past 10 years in the UAE.


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On the question of leadership hampering his batting abilities, he said that he is taking it as a challenge, hoping that captaincy will not affect his batting. He also acknowledged that it will not be easy as there will be ups and downs along the way.


Do you think Babar Azam will prove to be a great captain for Pakistan? Let us know in the comments.


  • The first statement to prove that Babar Azam is not a Leadership but a “Darbaari” Material. He knows that PM is also the head/patron-in-chief of PCB. “Apany Aaqa ko khush rakhnay main hi apni bhalai hai”

    A real Leader develop his/her own methodology and then decides according to the circumstances. But the Selected Darbaaris just praise those who have selected them in the first place. Such people can lead but can never become the inspiration for others.

    • How dare you to call babar “Darbaari”. He has done nothing wrong till now. He has yet to prove himself and Inshallah he will. He is one of the finest batsman in Pakistan’s batting line up atleast give him some respect.

      • In all of his interviews he is just praising Imran Khan, rather than telling his own desire and strategies. Anyway I have observed many people of Pakistan especially Punjabis have a pure “Slave Mentality”. They don’t know what leadership means as their generations were enslaved and now their current generation simply states that “There is nothing wrong in praising your Master”.

        You cannot ask a “Slave for Generations and Centuries” to talk about Leadership.

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