Govt Planning to Outsource Three Major Airports

The federal government is once again considering to outsource three major airports of the country for better management and quality services.

The matter came up for discussion during the federal cabinet’s meeting on Tuesday, where federal ministers and divisions deliberated outsourcing of the management of New Islamabad International Airport, Allama Iqbal International Airport (Lahore), and Jinnah International Airport (Karachi).


Local Flights Resume With Higher Ticket Prices

The Aviation Division has proposed outsourcing of these airports due to their miserable conditions, especially at international terminals.

The matter previously came up in July last year when the government was aggressively pushing its tourism policy. The suggestion, nonetheless, fell in limbo after the aviation division failed to finalize the details.

Now, the government is reportedly working on a comprehensive policy to improve international terminals at airports, taking all the stakeholders and technical experts on board. It is believed that outsourcing will improve the facilities in international terminals, which is necessary to promote tourism, investment, and the overall image of the country.


Airport Managers Will Now Be the Heads of All Airports in Pakistan

As per sources, the contract to run affairs at the terminals of these airports will be given to a well-known Arab country, initially, for a period of three years. Sources say UAE or Qatar are the top contenders.

Note that currently, only one local (private) company is running the affairs of Sialkot International Airport, while all other airports are being controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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