Children’s Maths Book Banned for Using Pigs’ Images

Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PTCB) has banned a children’s mathematics book that had pigs’ images imprinted to help them solve basic arithmetic problems.

The book caused an uproar as parents were furious about this insensitivity. The situation escalated so much that the textbook board had to issue a clarification on Wednesday.

The notification said that the booklet series: Titled Infant Mathematics had been prohibited because it was published without prior approval of PTCB by M/S Sunrise Publications.

The book contains material and content failing under Section 10(5), of the Punjab Curriculum and Textbooks Board Act 2015 under which printing, publication, selling or prescribing in an institution of any textbook or supplementary material.

It says that the book might be detrimental for examination or assessment purposes.

[Anything] which contains anything repugnant to the injunction of Islam or contrary, to the integrity, defence or security of Pakistan or any part of Pakistan,  public order or integrity cannot be approved.

The board has also swung into action against the publisher for publishing and selling the booklet without prior approval which is a violation of Section 10 of Punjab Curriculum and Textbooks Board Act 2015.

Punjab textbook board has further directed publishers to stop producing, printing, publishing, and selling of the book. Moreover, any institution using this book has been asked to comply with the directives and submit a compliance report within seven working days.

  • Not only used Pictures of “Pigs” but also included questions (MCQ’s) whose answer was “Halloween” and “April Fool” which is not our cultural events.

  • This is the reason pakistan is still 500 hundred years back, govt and people focus on unimportant issues.

    • first we are not 500 years back, technically we are 45 years behind advanced economies
      secondly we are back not because of the above article or the things you are implying the real reason we are behind is due to;
      1- not having a strong manufacturing (industrialized) economy due to wrong economic policies
      2- corrupt and dishonest leadership
      3- not export oriented and innovative industry
      I’m amazed people like you think that by opting for certain cultural/moral/secular views countries can progress.
      Remember countries only Progress when there is a honest leadership and strong economic policies focusing industrialization like the Pakistan on 1960s with gdp growth of 10%+ everything else is just literal nonsense.

  • This is ridiculous. Its a picture of an animal Allah created and exists on the planet. We have been told not to eat it. If children never see it, never hear its name they will never know this is the animal Allah says dont eat. Even the Holy Quran mentions it by name, what then should we do with the surahs that mention it?

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