Pakistani Man Requests India to Release “Wing Commander” Pigeon

Following Prime Minister Imran Khan’s warning to global leaders of India’s false-flag operation plans, the authorities from across the border are busy finding ways to justify any potential standoffs between the two armies.

They have started off by capturing a helpless pigeon. That’s how you start a war, as per India’s Warbook 101.

Apparently, Indian authorities have apprehended a spy pigeon near the border for the umpteenth time. While the Indian Police is busy deciphering the code inscribed on the ring on one of its legs, the owner has settled the matter for them. He has said that it’s his mobile number and he flew pigeons to celebrate the Eid festival.


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Living only four kilometers from the border, Habibullah owns a dozen pigeons and has urged India to return his pigeon. The villager has said that the pigeon is a symbol of peace and India should not victimize innocent birds for war-mongering purposes.

This isn’t the first time India has accused Pakistan of using spy pigeons. Pakistanis, as usual, had a field day as soon as Indian authorities reported having caught another spy pigeon from across the border.

The poor pigeons near the border have been at the receiving end, landing in trouble for crossing the border they didn’t know existed, again and again.

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