Film5 Online Contest to Promote Pak-China Friendship and Offer Rs. 750,000 Prize Pool

The Film5 Chinese Language Competition is an online video talent contest that carries a Rs. 750,000 prize pool, with Rs. 100,000 reserved for first place.

The contest comes at an opportune time for Pakistan and China as the two countries are stronger allies than ever and are moving quickly towards phase 3 of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)—an initiative to build critical infrastructure in Pakistan to unlock the country’s great potential for trade and propel its economy.

Film5 has positioned the competition as one that hopes to promote a greater understanding and love between the two nations. The theme for the competition is “Hey, China! This is Pakistan!”

The contest is essentially an online talent show with a Chinese twist: Your display of talent must include the Chinese language in some way. This can mean either directly showcasing your Chinese skills, or singing a song in Chinese, or highlighting another talent but using Chinese to introduce yourself.

It is open to all Pakistanis, and along with the Rs. 750,000 prize pool, there are several other prizes that await the top performers, including a paid return trip to China and job recommendations.

How to enter

  1. Choose a category for your video:
    1. My Daily Story: A quick introduction to your life in Chinese.
    2. Pak-China Pals: Your opinion on the common Chinese saying, “Pak-China friendship is as strong as steel.”
    3. Pakistani Cuisine: Show us your cooking skills by preparing a dish, but introduce it in Chinese.
    4. My Talent: Sing a Chinese song, or do a dance performance with your introduction in Chinese.
    5. Corona Crisis: Tell us about the steps you’re taking to protect yourself and your family from the coronavirus.
  2. Make a video of yourself using the chosen category.
  3. Submit the video using the form at or Whatsapp your video to +923041032907

The deadline for the contest is 25th June.

To participate or learn more, visit