Pakistan’s Daily COVID-19 Death Rate Per Million People Now Highest in South Asia

With 60 deaths reported in the last 24 hours, Pakistan has now the highest number of daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths (per million people) in South Asia.

The following graph shows that Pakistan’s daily death rate has crossed 0.3 per million people and it is on the rise. It is worth noting that the daily death rate increased significantly in the last 10 days of May. This sharp rise can be directly linked to the government’s ease in lockdown restrictions before Eid-ul-Fitr.

On the other hand, India’s daily death rate stands just a fraction above 0.15 per million people while Bangladesh’s daily death rate is well below 0.15 per million people.

Moreover, Pakistan has the highest total COVID-19 death rate per million people in the region as well with 7 deaths recorded per million. India and Bangladesh, on the other hand, have recorded just 4 deaths per million so far.

Pakistan’s total Coronavirus cases have surpassed the 73,500 mark after 2,964 more people tested positive for the virus in the last 24 hours. Total deaths in Pakistan now stand at 1,565 while recoveries have topped 26,000.

  • These stats are just manipulated to show Imran Khan in bad face. This is the work of Patwari manipulators. The reality is that every Pakistani is doing normal business and Imran Khan has brought everything under control. This is just a Hoax mainly created by PPPP and PMLN ( Patwari) stooges so to discredit Imran Khan.

  • they imposed lockdown when there were few cases and are now lifting it when the number of cases is rising exponentially.

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