Justice Faez Isa Calls Farogh Naseem a Legal ‘Tout’

Justice Qazi Faez Isa has asked the Supreme Court not to allow the recently-resigned law minister Farogh Naseem to represent the federal government or any other respondent in a presidential reference against him and also described Naseem as a ‘tout’ in legal terms.

This Hon’ble Court may be graciously pleased not to permit private counsel to represent official respondents and not to permit Mr. Farogh Naseem, who was law minister till 1 June 2020, to represent anyone (other than himself) as counsel.


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Justice Faez Isa, in line to become future Supreme Court Chief Justice, has been facing a presidential reference from the federal government. The top court is set to resume hearing of the case from today.

To be able to represent the federal government, Farogh Naseem resigned on June 1, but Justice Isa has raised objections over this move.

In his six-page application, Justice Faez Isa has asked the top court not to allow Naseem to appear in the case in any capacity. According to him, it is prohibited by Rule 135 of the ‘Canons of Professional Conduct and Etiquette of Advocates’ enacted pursuant to the Pakistan Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Rules, 1976.


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The apex court judge has raised multiple questions ‘double procurement’ in the case. According to him, Naseem is the respondent in the case, thus, he cannot appear in person to represent himself.

Mr. Farogh Naseem, the law minister, procured this case for the advocate, Mr. Farogh Naseem.

The application argued that if Farogh Naseem represents the government or anyone else in this case it would be an illegal practice according to section 58 the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973.

Illegal practice is a criminal offence the prescribed punishment for which is, imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine up to fifty thousand rupees, or with both.

Via: Tribune

  • Justice ESA is right. It’s the job of Attorney General’s office to represent state. Why are they being paid? AG’s office has 145 lawyers on state’s payroll, why isn’t a single one of them capable enough to do their JOB? Why did Government assigned an outsider to represent itself? Keep it UP Justice ESA !

    • Approved.

      بچوں نے پراپرٹی کیسے بنائی اسکا ثبوت بچوں سے مانگنے کے بجائے باپ سے مانگا جا رھا ھے،. پہلے تو بھیا آپ یہ ثابت کرو کہ پیسہ پاکستان سے گیا، پھر اس پیسہ سے بچوں نے گھر بنائے اور سب سے پہلے یہ کہ یہ پیسہ غلط طریقے سے کمایا گیا جج صاحب کی طرف سے.
      فرض کریں اگر جج صاحب آج کہیں کہ میری اولاد گستاخ اور مجھ سے رابطہ میں نہیں تو جج صاحب کو صرف مفروضہ کی بنیاد پر فارغ کر دیا جائے کہ حکومت نے پاکستان سے پیسہ باھر جانے کا کوئی ثبوت نہیں دیا ھے.
      قانوناً اور اسلامی شریعت کیمطابق الزام لگانے والے نے ثبوت دینے ھیں لیکن یہاں نہ صرف الزام لگا کر اپنی بے گناہی کا ثبوت مانگا جارھا ھے
      حضرت عمر رضی اللہ عنہ پر ایک چادر سے زیادہ میں لباس بنا لینا ثبوت تھا جو انکے بیٹے نے یہ کہہ کر کہ میں نے بابا کو اپنی چادر دی غلط ثابت کر دیا. لیکن یہاں یہ کہنا کہ بچے بالغ اور کمانے والے ھیں حکومت بدنیتی کے باوجود صرف اس لیے اچھالا جا رھا ھے کہ ان سے پاکستان کے اصل حکمرانوں کو انکے فیصلوں کی وجہ سے
      تکلیف ھے اور یہ کہ
      موجودہ حکومت کو ثاقب نثار جیسا جج منظور ھے لیکن
      کسی بھی ایسی جج کو نہیں چاھتی جو
      اپنے فیصلوں میں آزاد ھو.

  • bus “tout” tak hi compliment mehdood na rakhen Justice sahib, he’s a gigolo of enormous proportions….

  • Is there a bit of shame left in current Sarkar and this lackey named Farogh?
    This stooge Farogh advocated MQM’s Altaf, then became advocate of Tra*itor Militar*y/Arm*y C*hief Gen. Musharraf.
    Now he resigns every now and then from the federal aka kitchen cabinet and starts working as a pimp to please his masters in uniform.
    Niazi Gang is shameless but awam should be vigilant at atleast, that why khalai makhlooq does not want Faez Issa to be next Chief Justice of Pakistan?
    Is he a potential threat to the ongoing multi trillion-rupees corruption in “tender-free” CPEC and Diamer Bhasha projects awarded to Faujis?

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