Play Store Removes India’s Viral “Made in Pakistan” Mitron App

Mitron App, that was being touted as the alternative to TikTok in India, has been taken down from the Play Store.

The short video sharing app quickly gained traction in the country riding on the anti-China sentiment.


So much that it had gained over five million subscribers in less than a month thanks to prevailing boycott China sentiment in the backdrop of rising border tensions in Ladakh.


Mitron, The App Going Viral in India is Actually Made in Pakistan

However, the patriotic bubble busted when it was revealed that the app was actually developed in Pakistan.

Indian media first broke the story reporting that the entire source code of Mitron, its user interface and even its features were developed by a Pakistani software company Qboxus and was bought for $34 (Rs 2,600).

Even the so-called entrepreneurs from India, Shivank Agarwal, and co-founder Anish, who claimed it’s intellectual rights, refused to comment.

Subsequently, Google red-flagged Mitron and later suspended it for violating its ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy.

    • I dont belive this when it is reported by India media.

      App is still available on app store, not sure if it is same app but it is full of bugs as reviews say and Indians putting it on app store haven’t fix it.

  • This is what happens when you don’t give financial education to your youth!
    Shame on Pakistani Youth who sold it Tiktok alternative app for just 34 bucks!
    This is the reason Pakistan is so poor!

    • You can find Indian developers on freelancing sites selling apps for $10. Developer doesn’t foresee if app has potential but Pakistan and China phobic Indians immediately started installing this app just because it could have been an alternative to tiktok. But still I don’t believe it went for $34 when it is reported by Indian media.

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