This is My Pakistan. This is Humanity: Babar Azam

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed everyone to their limits. With businesses closed, daily wagers not being able to earn any livelihood for their families, and a large number of working-class not earning any income, desperation has crept in.

In these difficult times, it is the responsibility of everyone to take care of less-privileged in whatever way possible. Star cricketer, Babar Azam, has praised the spirits of Pakistanis who are doing their best to help the needy. In a tweet, Babar shared an image of a tandoor offering free bread for those who don’t have the money.


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Babar paid his respect to the person serving free food, adding that this is ‘my Pakistan’.

Babar Azam’s fans have also praised him for highlighting this aspect of the society as others shared similar images where people are offering food to the poor.

Cricketers have also joined the efforts to look out for the needy segment of society. Cricketers including Shahid Afridi, Ahmed Shehzad, Azhar Ali, Sarfaraz Ahmed, Babar Azam among others have been distributing food among the poor.

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  • Tweeting about it is not gonna do anything. If he really wants more people to step up, he should donate to that tandoor.

    • Tweets and “exposure” don’t pay the bills and neither can they pay for those rotis. This mentality needs to change.

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