You Can Be Jailed in Philippines For Canceling A Confirmed Food Delivery Order

Lawmakers in the Philippines have tabled a bill proposing jail time and a hefty fine for people canceling confirmed food delivery orders.

Just like other countries around the world, demand for food delivery services in the Philippines has increased manifold amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, incidents involving pranks on delivery persons by canceling confirmed orders in the Philippines have surged as well, forcing delivery persons to foot the bill.


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On June 4, lawmakers in the House of Representatives of the Philippines introduced the Food and Grocery Delivery Services Protection Act to prohibit the cancellation of food and grocery delivery after delivery riders have advanced the payment for the food.

Violators will be facing 6 years of jail time and $2,000 fine once the bill is signed into law.

An excerpt from the draft of the bill reads:

This covers instances wherein customers order food and/or grocery items for the purpose of pranking or those who have no genuine intention of availing of the service which causes damage and undue duress to the Delivery Riders and their corresponding services.

Moreover, the bill has proposed 6 months of jail time for those who shame, demean, embarrass or humiliate delivery persons on online platforms.

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