Here’s How PTV Dealt With Those Who Aired Wrong Map of Pakistan on Live TV

Pakistan Television (PTV) has suspended two of its employees for airing an incorrect map of the country during the live transmission. During a children’s show on June 6, the incorrect map was aired, depicting Indian Occupied Kashmir as a permanent part of India instead of a disputed territory.


Soon after the incident, the state television had formed a committee to investigate the matter. In light of the committee’s findings, two PTV officials responsible for the blunder were suspended.


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The national TV channel revealed this in an official Twitter post on Wednesday.


The glaring mistake attracted a lot of ire from the politicians, as well as the public, as Twitter erupted with demands of action against responsible officials. But, PTV didn’t move until some federal ministers got involved.


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Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry termed it a shameful mistake. He bashed MD PTV, Arshad Khan, as he has been running affairs at PTV for years. Former Information Minister said that Arshad should understand that he is chairman of PTV and not Doordarshan.

Minister of Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, called it lack of research and asked Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Shibli Faraz, to do away with these irresponsible actions.


  • Imagine this happening during PMLN or PPP’s time?. PTI will be trending Ghaddar Ghaddar and Resignation Resignation of Info Minister and PTV Chief everywhere. But now no hue and cry?. PTI followers have double standards and they are blind followers of Imran Khan.

    • These types of mistakes happen from time to time you cant blame it on any political party.

  • I guess Minster of Science and Technology should run a campaign and push actual Pakistan map in different platform. There are more audience who are using the wrong map using from Google Search and paste them in their assignments.

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