Newly Discovered Windows 10 Bug Affects 3 Different Versions of The OS

Another day, another Windows 10 bug, and this time it’s plaguing three of the latest versions of the operating system. Microsoft has confirmed in a recent support document that Windows 10 is facing new issues in the latest May 2020 update.

The document reveals that the latest versions of Windows 10 are experiencing faulty printer connections. Microsoft said that Windows 10 users might find that their USB printer port has gone missing from the list, this happens when the printer is disconnected while the Windows device is powered off.

Once Windows is restarted, the USB printer port will be missing and Windows will not be able to complete any task that requires the port. However, Microsoft says that there is a workaround for this. This can be resolved by connecting a USB printer before starting up Windows, which might not be practical for laptop users.

The company added that they are working on a fix with a future update, something we’ve grown used to by now.

At this point, advising Windows 10 users to keep their systems up to date my not be the best advice.

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