These 9 Oil Marketing Companies Will Have Their Fuel Station Licenses Revoked

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered to revoke licenses of oil marketing companies (OMCs) that are involved in hoarding fuel, causing an artificial shortage in the country. The decision was based on the initial inquiry report on the petrol crisis.

Prepared by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the report identified that the Petroleum Division allegedly connived with OMCs to create an artificial crisis in the country to pressure the government.


OGRA Finds Millions of Liters of Petrol Hoarded by OMCs, Slaps Heavy Fines

The committee identified nine OMCs involved in hoarding, black-marketing, and dropping their sales. These include Shell Pakistan Limited, TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited, APL (Attock Petroleum Limited), Attock (Attock Oil Pakistan Limited), Byco, Go, Hascol, and Puma, and BE (Bakri Energy).

It mentioned that the officials of the Petroleum Division failed to fulfill their responsibilities and took no action while oil companies were creating an artificial petrol shortage in the country.


PSO Reveals How the Fuel Crisis Was Artificially Created

Directing punitive action against the officers involved, the premier also ordered the termination of licenses of nine oil marketing companies for hoarding and black marketing petroleum products.

Via: Express

    • I don’t thing its about U-turn, System is rigged, these groups are very very powerful. They thrive on this system with links in every where from ministries, govts.,pvt sector everywhere they bribe for contacts indiscriminately. They will most probably go to courts and get relief very easily.

      • why being scared, IK is here fight the Mafia.

        in previous days those noora league politicians were corrupt but now we have honest leadership.

        bus ghabrana nahi hai

        • Its very easy to criticize the one honest PM that you have finally gotten in many decades. But, it is not easy to remove the baqiyaat of previous governments already in ministries and bureaucracy. They try their best to scuttle all the good initiatives by the government.

  • i think this list covers ALL PRIVATE companies operating in pakistan fuel sector

    • Attock is a very powerful group with deep linkages in ahem ahem (khalai makhlooq), with deep linkages in ministries. they have so much influence that they have previously kicked out state owned oil company from already secured business of Islamabad airport and are right now trying to kick out state oil co from Railways contract which is already signed and valid for 5 years.

  • Looking forward for another u-turn decision.
    2-3 din mein SB back to normal ho ga. U Turner will u turn in 2-3 days. All companies CEO, chairman, aware of this bullshit u turn attitude.

  • Total Parco aur Shell tou yaar America ki bhi governments ki bund maar dain agar unko koi ungal karay tou, yeh Pakistani government kia soch k license revoke kr rhi?

  • seems like fake news. after these only pso is left, this alone will create bigger shortage

    • For your information, PSO has the largest storage in Pakistan more than million MTs. Many of PSO’s depots are forcefully closed so that other OMCs can compete by the MAFIA.

      Even during the shortage only PSO had ample fuel to give to entire country. Highest import bhi PSO hi kerta hai. Zabardasti PSO ko kam cargo allow kerti hai Mafia so that other companies can import on those slots. There is a limited capacity of i think 15 to 17 white oil cargoes per month.

  • It’s a shame to those in the petroleum division who sell their souls to the devil for measly bucks . They should be punished so that this sets an example for others .
    And the license should be suspended and the only reinstated if these companies pay a public apology and community service

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