PIA Resumes Flights to the UK With a Huge Discount

After the closure of nearly three months, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced the resumption of flights to the United Kingdom from this week.

The national flag carrier stated this in a Twitter post on Monday. To attract maximum travelers, the airline is offering up to 20 percent off on airfares for the UK flights. Tickets are available online at piac.com.pk.


PIA Increases Ticket Prices for UAE Return Flights

The decision came a day after the federal government fully restored the international flight operations in the country. Following the development, the national flag carrier has also announced to repatriate around 25,000 Pakistanis stuck in the Gulf countries. PIA has announced to operate 100 flights till June 27 in this regard.


PIA Reduces Freight Charges to Help Increase Mango Exports

According to the Consul General of Pakistan in Dubai, over 80,000 stranded Pakistanis have registered themselves to return home after most of them lost their jobs or were sent on forced leaves due to the pandemic. These people have been living hand to mouth as several were left with no money for house rent or food.

To help them out, the federal government had started a special flight operation last week to repatriate over 15,000 Pakistanis from UAE and 10,000 from Saudi Arabia.

  • PIA is already expensive than competitors on UK route, even giving 20% discount still they will be 20% more expensive than others

  • No hajj covid19….now the airline want us to have a discount. I made the mistake of travelling with PIA in December after a period of 20 years…never again.
    Rude staff…tatty plane. No entertainment on a 8 hour flight..Sorry but Qatar and Emirates it is.

  • Sorry PIA you are a joke!!!
    You took advantage of the covid crisis. Cancelling flights the asking customers to re book flights at seriously inflated prices.
    Makes me ashamed at the current culture at PIA.
    If it wasn’t for foreign nationals you would go broke.
    I hope you improve your ways!!

  • Only stupid and crazy people with Corona hit operated by incompetent
    Quota based unprofessional s.
    All love for my country evaporated after this dirty unprofessional s
    I have decided never to fly with this airline even if they pay me money

    Perhaps I arrive

  • PIA did maximum cruelty in the time of crises of Covid 19 by giving 3 times expensive flights. Only flag carrier of Pakistan was already charging more than the other compititors. The service always v poor with poor condition of seating. Still have bad service n poor condition of planes. Will not book any PIA flight ever in my life.

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