China Sends 3D Printed Wards to Fight COVID-19 in Pakistan

In another move to strengthen bilateral ties, China has dispatched 15 units of 3D printed isolation wards to Pakistan to help the latter in combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

The isolation wards worth $123,300 is a donation to Pakistan from Ying Chuang Building Tech (Winsun).


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According to details, the isolation wards have set off from Suzhou and Shanghai and will reach Pakistan following a month-long voyage.

Ying Chuang Building Tech has built the 15 wards, especially for Pakistan keeping in view the high temperatures during the summers.

The wards are pre-fitted with water and electricity utilities, doors, windows, and inner decoration. All they require is water and electricity connections to become fully operational.

The wards have been developed from recycled materials and can be transformed to serve as emergency room, toilet, guardroom, hotel, park lounge, cafe after the viral outbreak is contained.


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Moreover, these wards can be recycled again for printing new buildings after crushing, sorting, grinding, and high-temperature treatment.

It is pertinent to note that China had used the same 3D printed isolation wards during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak after its healthcare system was overwhelmed with a sudden influx of patients.

Here are the images of the 3D printed wards used by China to tend to COVID-19 patients.