China Praises Pakistan for Collaboration in Satellite Launch to Compete Against GPS

China has indicated enhanced cooperation with Pakistan over BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, Chinese satellite navigation system similar to US’s Global Positioning System (GPS), Russia’s GLONASS, and the European Galileo systems.

Just recently, China successfully put the final satellite into the orbit of the BeiDou-3 navigation system, further advancing the country as a major power in space against the US.



China Launches its Final Satellite to Rival GPS Systems

A total of 35 satellites make up the BeiDou-3 navigation system that is worth $10 billion. Collectively, there are 55 satellites in the BeiDou constellation.

Ran Chengqi, Director General of the China Satellite Navigation Office which oversees BeiDou, lauded Pakistan’s efforts and said Pakistan was the first foreign country to use China’s BeiDou.

Chengqi further added that China recognizes Pakistan as a key partner and signaled an increased collaboration in training, application systems, performance monitoring, and assessment in the ambit of BeiDou.


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China perceives a better cooperation perspective with Pakistan in the field of BeiDou satellite navigation system.

In addition to China, BeiDou’s coverage stretches over Japan, Iran, Australia, and most of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Pakistan has spoiled its economy by depending on other countries,when it will learn to stop place reliance on others and start developing their own tech.My country is blessed with population of 222 million and still among the poorest nation.
    Hope good times will come ;Inshallah.

    • Do you think it’s feasible for Pakistan to have its own navigation system? There are many developed countries who are relying on GPS for all the navigations. Why haven’t they all developed their own navigation system?

    • So first Pakistan should start its own navigation satellite system and later provide water and food to those under poverty line? Please share a priority list what we should do. Thanks and please cc to PM/COAS and others.

  • china always get happy we are the only country in the world by depending on them more and more everyday

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