HEC Clarifies Reports About Opening Universities from Next Week

Chairman Higher Education Commission (HEC), Dr. Tariq Banuri, has declared reports regarding the opening of universities from the first week of July as fake news, saying that the commission did not issue any such instructions.


During a conversation with a news channel, Dr. Banuri clarified that the commission had asked educational institutions to begin preparations for resuming operations in case of the government’s approval.

He explained that the varsities will be required to take specific measures before getting permission to start on-campus educational activities.

As initially, we were given a tentative date of July 15 for reopening, we had prepared a guideline for varsities in this regard. We had given institutions certain tasks to be fulfilled phase-wise. Some of them were supposed to be done by July 2, some by July 7, while others by July 15, and so on.


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The purpose of these instructions was to ensure operational readiness ahead of the government’s go-ahead for the opening of universities, be it July, August, or September, he said.

HEC chairman clarified that the notification was blown out of proportion to claim that HEC has announced to open universities from July.


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Dr. Tariq mentioned that the higher education commission has written to the government to seek input from the health authorities and other concerned departments regarding the coronavirus situation in the country and as to when the commission should reopen educational institutes. Any decision in this regard will be taken after consultation with the government, he added.


  • Please don’t exploit fake news about the opening of universities. Please trust our authorities, and I thinks so they made valuable decisions regarded the future of students. And only believe ALLAH.This fake news create anxiety among students and students also frustrated about their future.

  • Miss Jawaria, how we will know that is fake news, every week HEC website gets chopped down…

    • Because our Young’s behavior in previous days shows that every news spread in websites give fake news regarding HEC.HEC website is available for true information. So final decision is taken by HEC and federal government and this final decision is also available on official website’s. And Universities also informed our Social media everyone create news just for taking likes and share.So what is true,everyone not know.Mr.Umar tell me his can we say that this type is news is true.Because cancelled of universities exams,heckling of HEC website’s and so on is totally fake,in this situation how can I believe this is true.I believe only HEC website’s in Instagram, Facebook page and also in Twitter. Thank.

  • plz reopen university because we have practical class .if u want bright future of students thn reopen university because we can’t understand online classes.

  • Whatever happen I don’t really think our government is planing serious about education of any level. There is no such great homework done by our government or HEC. this academic year have already lost 3 months and will lost 2 more if I am not wrong. I must say future of our students is not in safe hands as government is not making any suitable decision regarding education.

  • Our government hostel is now quarantine centre where do we live I can not afford private residence…….

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