Indian Teenager Spends Rs. 1.6 Million on PUBG Mobile

A teenage boy from Indian Punjab spent Rs. 1.6 million on PUBG Mobile for in-app purchases. The 17-year-old was using his parents’ account to purchase in-game cosmetics, battle passes, ammunition, and other items.

According to the parents, the money that was used by the boy was set aside as savings for the father’s medical expenses. The parents were unaware of this for a long time as the boy said that he was using the smartphone for online courses during the lockdown.

Most of the money was spent within a month and it was very easy for the boy as the transactions and other details were only saved on the smartphone. The boy would keep deleting messages with transaction details and alter between two different bank accounts to avoid exhausting them.

The parents only found out when they received bank statements for each of their accounts. The boy had also emptied his mother’s provident fund and his own account.

The father said:

After we received details from the bank, I found that on several occasions, he shuffled amounts from one bank to another to avoid nil balance. He was using his mother’s phone for quite some time and she was not vigilant enough to notice this.

In order to teach the boy a lesson, the father made him work at a scooter repair shop so he could earn for himself. He said that he wasn’t going to let his kid sit idle anymore even for studying.

I just can’t let him sit idle at home and cannot give him a mobile phone even for studying. He is working at a scooter repair shop until he realises how hard it is to earn money. I am hopeless now as the money was saved for my son’s future.

Update: An earlier version of the article mistakenly stated that the teenager was from Pakistani Punjab rather than Indian Punjab. We regret the error.

  • Good Step by the father
    BTW parents these are very negligent of what their kids are doing on the smartphones. i mean kids should not spend most of their time on a screen, they should go out more often play physical games, interacting with others etc. Because of the lack of these they are becoming dumb and anti social.

  • Good Step by the father
    BTW parents these are very negligent of what their kids are doing on the smartphones.

  • Now i totally support this ban i want PTA to stay strong and not to cave in to pressure teens are wasting parents hard earned money on these games.Anyone who still want to play this game is out of his senses and mentally ill he need emergency treatment.

    • Please do some research before saying that cz this happened in India and our media is falsely saying that it happened in Pakistan. If our media isn’t telling truth it means we should get our media banned instead of the game that’s helping to make some name on international level. #BanPakistaniFakeMedia

      • If this has happened in Indian, it is going in Pakistan as well. Despite of hypocrisy of Pakistani media I totally support banning of PUBG game. Our young generation is spoiling their valuable time in playing online games.

  • bullshit, how a 17 year old has access to his father account, nonsense. For each and every online transaction, authority is required and upon completion of transaction a confirmatory message is sent to account holder registered mobile.

    • Hi Asad – It’s clearly mentioned that the boy keep deleting messages with transaction messages broadcasted . The kids these days are way to clever and its not that hard to access mobile/internet banking for them. Since the damage has been done now the parents should be more careful and the boy should learn from his mistake.

      • You need to authorize the transaction Everytime. Having credentials saved doesn’t mean he’s got authorization for the transaction. You need a pin code or a fingerprint for that.
        From what I can see the parents aren’t so stupid so they must have told the media that they want pubg to be banned and media must have given them scripts just like what daily Pakistan does.

  • Again, mistake of parent blamed on the game… Is this website is getting paid by someone or something for defamation of this game as they’re posting here clearly stating game as the villian and not the stupid people? I don’t have access to my parents accounts and their phone, and never should be..

  • It was not PAKISTANI teenager, this boy is from Indian Punjab (India). Please change the misleading topic :)

    • Any one from Pakistan from India or from any corner of the World but what he did is wrong and better to block Pubg for ever.

      • It’s like max 5 incidents to another 500 million ppl so I don’t think so

  • This is the third or fourth post in which i have commented and they are not being shown.

  • Great Initiative by ProPakistani to neither Mention Bank Name where this account was opened. Nor sharing Bank Statement.

  • this story happen in India or in Pakistan i am confuse. Because on tech news channel on YouTube said that this happened in India Not in Pakistan.

  • aree bhai woh 1.6 million nhi
    16 lakh hai kyu logo ko pagal banate ho fake news daal kr

  • This is a click bait article copied from indian web site and pakistani boy added instead of indian boy. This is all fake news with no proof. Cheater propakistani

  • Fake news, do some research before spreading lies. It was an INDIAN TEENAGER who did this. You people are destroying Pakistani gaming community by banning PUBG and then spreading lies about it. #SavePakistanEsports

  • It’s all the parents’s fault where the parents so stupid that they gave the child the full access including the online PIN code of their bank account and they didn’t know it sorry، but it’s not possible and it’s not PUBG’s fault. Anyway, this incident happened in India and not in Pakistan

    • The parents had saved so its rlly not their fault. He chose to do that after lying. And he’s 17so if a mature child made that mistake he can be blamed instead of getting full defence

  • Pakistan ke log qatai jahil hain, yeh baat tho jag zahir thi lekin ab digital media bhi isi jahiliyat par utar aaya hai, iska qatai andesha nahi tha, khair Pakistani hain, kuch bhi kar sakte hain, copy karne me tho inka koi muqabla hee nahi hai

  • The child is a thief and has no respect for their parents, but somehow it the responsibility of a game. This story is a joke!!!

  • Everyone who is supporting the ban, I need to say only one thing to them, “ok, boomer!”

  • Haha you kidding right …1.6 million on a game …if you said 10k ..its relatable..but 1.6 is too much …and a RP just cost inbetween 20 to 50 $ haha dont share stupid news like this…think and share

    • Pubg earing 3 billions usd of each season and this not for RP for create opening

  • Very believable new…. Ha ha ha… 1.6 million…
    Ufff…. From where are you guys getting these kinda TRUE NO LIE news… Lemme know

  • Its a real news…. I m from punjab and I met this guy personally after this news… He purchased every single thing in pubg from Feb month till July…

  • This news is absolutely wrong 😔 because this happen in India please 🙏 research the original news first and then publish it you are going to distroy Pakistan eSports please support those who rise the voice for saving Pakistan eSports.


  • Eesh I’m glad that wants 1.6 mill dollars and it was rs. Feel bad for the Pakistanis as this mistake in the article has caused a major issue to them…

  • 1st pubg isnt responsible for this thing and 2 nd it’s thier money what they do if u guys care about thier money then return it stop showing pubg as a bad image u guys don’t know any thing about a game and banning it for no reason and Esports is a big leauge so pls stop showing pubg as a bad image and let Pakistan/the pubg players of pakistan to go forward in Esports hope u guys understood what did i say

  • It’s sad that everyone is trying to blame PUBG, what’s the use of banning the Game, you can banned PUBG but can you guarantee that this kids who are using their parents money in PUBG will not do the same for other things? It’s not PUBG’s fault its the fault of the parents, their upbringing. Ban PUBG but this kids will still steal their parents’ money for another thing, so how many apps will you keep banning? Instead you should teach your properly.

  • It is not the boy’s fault. The parents shall not give cards details to their kids

  • You bloody hater trying to support pubg ban through this. But this happened in India not in Pakistan. Pakistanis like you can’t do anything, don’t have guts or skills to do anything and try to steal others things. I’m sure you must have a broken kr low model phone, you won’t be able to play even clash of clans on it, so you are trying so hard that pubg gets ban for others too. It’s people like you Pakistan can’t be recognized internationally. People like you only think about yourselves but not for the country. Lanat on you.

  • It’s fake guys. How can be silly it is. Who will give bank details to the 17yrs old kid that much easily containing 1.6 million in the bank account and if it might be real then it should be reported by indian reporters not Pakistani reporters. It is considered to be a fake news by Pakistani reporters. And in the pubg game there is no purchase of 1.6 million rs

  • These Pakistanis Are clueless , Brainless , So immature, 1.6 Billion Dollars ah😂😂 So Weak at Maths , Uneducated Pakistanis

  • Abe PAKISTAN Wale bache ki itte paise kharch karne ki oakat bhi nahi hai samja kya 🖕Hum dekhlenge humare teenager’s ka kya karnay tu apna dekh

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