Foundation University Announces On-Campus Exams Despite The Pandemic

Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus’ decision to conduct on-campus exams has stirred a controversy on social media as students express concerns and anger over the decision.

Speaking to media anonymously, a student said:

They kept teaching us online promising us that exams will be taken online, and now they want us to appear in on-campus exams in the middle of a pandemic.

Another student said that university management is risking the lives of thousands of students and their families.

Some students are coronavirus positive, and some teachers are also infected. Many students have issues regarding hostels & transportation, but still, the management wants to conduct on-campus exams. They are not addressing our concerns.


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They demanded the government as well as the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to take action against Foundation University.

Some of them highlighted that during the so-called online lectures, students were not allowed to ask questions or make discussions because the lectures were recorded. They said that the teachers were not punctual at all.


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Another student said:

My friend’s teacher never started class on time. She made them wait for at least an hour or a half and then she used to start. That class duration was usually around 3-4 hours sometimes more than that.

When the class filed a complaint against her, she humiliated the whole batch in the next class. The students questioned why the university expects students to give on-campus exams when they failed to provide proper online education.

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