Google Pixel 5 Leaks With Disappointingly Dated Design

Although the Google Pixel 5 is still some time away from launch, we already have our first look at the upcoming flagship. A handful of renders based off of CAD schematics have appeared online that show that the Pixel 5 is going to look a lot like the Pixel 4 from last year.

The back of the Pixel 5 looks almost identical to the Pixel 4 with its square-shaped dual-camera module, but there is now a fingerprint sensor at the back as well. This was omitted last year in favor of Google’s facial recognition. But a fingerprint sensor on the back of a 2020 flagship looks like a bad idea on Google’s part. With optical in-display fingerprint sensors making it into budget phones, Google doesn’t really have an excuse.

Possible CAD renders of Google Pixel 5 leak, reminiscent of Pixel 4

The odd-looking forehead we saw on the Pixel 4 has been replaced with a cornered punch-hole cutout and much smaller bezels. Overall, the Pixel 5 appears to have a much better design compared to any other device in the line-up.

Earlier renders on the Pixel 5 XL have shown that the upsized model is going to feature a triple camera setup. If this turns out to be true, this is the first time we will have two different Pixel variants with different camera configurations.

As for specifications, the most prominent rumor we have so far is that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G, while the XL model will feature the Snapdragon 865.

Google is yet to reveal the Pixel 4a, a device that has been delayed for months. It is expected to break cover anytime now while the Pixel 5 is going to launch later around October or November.

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