Another PIA Flight Attendant Goes Missing in Canada

In recent news, it has been revealed that a Pakistan International Airline (PIA) flight attendant has gone missing from his hotel room in Toronto, Canada, after a flight from Islamabad.

As per reports, the steward’s name is Yasir, who was attending to the Passengers Travelling from Islamabad to Toronto via PIA’s flight PK-781. The airport administration has been informed of the incident by PIA’s Station Manager, with both the airline and airport administration looking into the matter.

In reference to the issue, General Manager Flight services stated that “The authorities have launched an investigation into the matter and action will be taken against flight attendant Yasir.”

The same peculiar incident took place back in 2018 back in the same area of Toronto when a PIA stewardess Fareeha Mukhtar went missing after a flight from Lahore. Fareeha had arrived in Toronto via flight PK-789 and was supposed to return via flight PK-782 which was to depart for Lahore on the same day.

However, details suggest that Ms. Fareeha went missing right after PK-789 landed in Toronto, and never boarded PK-782. The spokesman at PIA stated that the report of her disappearance had been lodged with the local authorities in Toronto at that time.

PIA has been on the sharp end of the sword for a long time, with the situation getting even more dismal since the recent plane crash in Karachi. After that, there’d been a series of mechanical faults that were reported in a number of its passenger planes. Given the series of unfortunate events, PIA ought to make swift and significant changes to their administrative affairs to save whatever’s left of their credibility.