Pakistan’s First Hydropower IPP Starts Producing Cheap Electricity

Gulpur Hydropower Project has been successfully completed and has achieved certified commercial operation. The plant is in operation and has started to produce cheap electricity for the national grid. The project has the capability of generating average annual energy of 102 MW.

NESPAK, in a joint venture with MWH Inc USA, has provided consultancy services as ‘owner’s engineer’ to Mira Power Limited, a subsidiary of KOSEP South Korea, for the 102MW Gulpur Hydropower Project. NESPAK Managing Director Dr. Tahir Masood said that the project has successfully reached completion and is in operation, producing cheap electricity for the national grid.

NESPAK is a Pakistani multinational state-owned corporation that provides consulting, construction, and management services globally. It is one of the largest engineering consultant management companies in Africa and Asia. A statement from the company about the project reads:

NESPAK has played a very vital role in the successful completion of Gulpur Hydropower Project, as it provided complete technical support to Mira Power Limited in getting approvals from different government agencies as well as supporting the EPC contractor in resolving complex issues that arose during construction.

Gulpur Hydropower Plant is a hydroelectric power generation project located on Poonch River near Gulpur in Kotli District of Azad Kashmir. The project has been financed by Korea Exim Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), International Finance Corporation (IFC), The Islamic Development Bank, and ECO Bank. The project is developed under the government’s Policy for Power Generation Projects 2002 as adopted in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The project has been developed in a very short time and has become a benchmark in hydro-sector of Pakistan and will play a pivotal role in Pakistan’s National Vision. It was completed at a total cost of Rs. 52 billion.

  • Thanks to the efforts of PMLN. They started this project and now Youthias are taking the credit of more than 5 years of hard work.

    • this is why few such projects are built because you don’t get to take credit for it.

    • Now i know why electricity from this dam will be the most expensive per unit in history of Pakistan hydro power generation. It was initiated by pmln. Each unit will cost us 16 Rs as of today.

      • Rupee depreciated by 60% of its value during current gov’t tenure. Meaning the same unit would have cost 10.8 Rs per unit before this government. So yeah that 16 Rs cost is due to pti.

    • Well if you want to take credit for all these projects which were initiated by the ganja group (PMLN) then you have to take all those credits too due to which PTI and Pakistan are suffering badly.

      • Pti is suffering because of its own incompetency and Pakistan is suffering because of pti’s incompetency.

  • USD 3 mn per MW project. How far is the transmission? May we know the IPP tariff per kwh?

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