Sindh Govt. is Secretly Supporting Influential Electricity Thieves: Energy Ministry

A spokesperson for the Ministry for Energy has accused Sindh government of extending support to influential people involved in electricity theft incidents and of resisting to lodge FIRs against them.


The spokesperson added that the Sindh government has always acted against the recommendations Council of Common Interests (CCI) on electricity.


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Sindh government has never assisted the federal distribution companies in prosecuting the power thieves. However, the Sindh government has always preferred to do petty politics on load management, a situation that is forced on the federal distribution companies due to the power theft and has nothing to do with nationality, race, color, or region.

Currently, there is surplus electricity in the national grid but the Sindh government rather wants electricity without paying for it and initiating legal proceedings against the power thieves.


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The spokesperson has suggested the Sindh government to stop playing to the gallery and forsake this political rhetoric against load management caused by their inaction against power thieves.

Moreover, the Sindh government has senior provincial bureaucrats working as a part of the boards of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) and Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) who give their input in the decision-making process of both power distributors. Yet the Sindh government has always resorted to blame and criticize the federal government for the decisions that it has taken itself.


  • Thank you so much Honorable Haroon Hayder for the truth. It is not accepted by those influencing. May Allah Bless you.

  • last i checked KPK had the highest Electricity theft in Pakistan where the current ruling party is ruling for better part of a decade, so should we say that PTI is behind powerful people there?

  • On news item it is stated that electrict dept it self is too corrupt. It has done decoity on consumer pockets by over billing, and sending detection bills. His employees are earning huge amount bydirect connections on secret payments. Ac bill monthly is given for 300. Over charging from the poor consumers is brutality with the vondumers. All corruption is vested to the elwctrict companies.

  • Actually we never raise voice against these thiefs, whether they are influential people or the one who put Kunda with the canivience of electricity office staff

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