PM Khan Could Even Invite President Trump to Cabinet Meetings: Zulfi Bukhari

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comment on dual nationality has been taken out of proportion, said Special Assistant to PM on Overseas Pakistanis Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari who also holds British citizenship. He made these remarks during a media talk on Monday.

The SAPM said that PM’s aides, Shahbaz Gill, Moeed Yusuf, and Nadeem Afzal Chan do not have foreign passports. He refuted the media’s claim that PM Khan has violated any law by allowing advisers and special assistants with foreign residencies to attend meetings.

Anyone could be invited to the cabinet meeting, even the US President Donald Trump could be invited to the cabinet meeting on the invitation of the prime minister.


Special Assistants of PM Possess Dual Nationalities & Properties Worth Hundreds of Millions

Voting Rights for Overseas Pakistanis

The SAPM said that the government wants to amend the law to give voting rights to overseas Pakistanis. A legislation in this regard is expected in the next session of the Parliament.

He urged expatriates to avoid investments in unregistered housing societies, saying that the government will not take responsibility for any such investments.


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He vehemently denied reports that the government is backtracking on downsizing decisions in PTDC, saying that availing a Golden Handshake opportunity was in the best interest of the employees.

Any protest could not deter us from bringing reforms in the PTDC structure.

Zulfi Bukhari dodged a question regarding the alleged tensions between Jehangir Tareen and PM Imran Khan and said he was unaware of JKT’s political engagements in London.

  • I am so awestruck that I voted for PTI. Our PM will also invite Martians if they are around for the cabinet meetings. I think Army should take over completely than stand behind the curtains!

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