Jazz Brings Unified Leave Experience For Its Employees Nationwide

At a time when organizations around the world have implemented mandatory work-from-home policies amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Jazz, Pakistan’s leading digital service provider, has gone a step further by announcing a unified leave experience for all of its employees nationwide.

Working from home saves one from a lot of hassle, such as the daily commute to and from the office, however, it becomes a challenge to separate personal and work life. Over time, most people realize that their work starts invading personal time with family, friends, and hobbies.

In this scenario, it is a great idea to allow the entire workforce to take time off together with some additional unified leaves before Eid-ul-Azha holidays. This allows them longer and a much-needed break from work, so they can spend quality time with their loved ones. The decision, reportedly taken after conducting an internal survey, also demonstrates that the wellness of its employees is a top organizational priority at Jazz.

It is pertinent to note that Jazz was also one of the first companies in the country to announce a mandatory “Work from Home” policy, back in March this year, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Business-critical staff like technical teams were still operating as usual, which will also be working during this unified leave period too.

Jazz implemented several initiatives towards the health and wellbeing of its staff such as: online counseling sessions and workout classes; launch of one-stop digital solutions to deliver e-health services in partnership with Sehat Kahani; medical coverage plans for Covid-19;  regular disinfection of offices to ensure safety of business-critical staff coming in; equipping all work spaces with personal protective gear, travel restrictions with close monitoring, etc.

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