Indian Hackers Take Over PTV Sports Website

Right after the start of the first Pakistan vs. England test, Indian hackers have hacked the PTV Sports official website. Indian flag with Hindustan Zindabad text is currently displayed at the homepage of the state-owned sports channel’s website.

‘Hacked by Raavan’ is the message displayed at the front page of the website with an additional message saying ‘India is a peaceful country’.

Not only this, another block of text states that every Pakistani will chant Jai Shree Ram. The website has been hacked by LulZsec India as displayed at the bottom of the channel’s website.

This is not the first website to be hacked by Indians in recent days. A local news channel, DAWN TV, was also hacked a couple of days ago as the Indian flag was displayed on the screen with Happy Independence Day texts.

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Feature Writer

  • Goes to show that India’s Nationalism is gone and is replaced with Religious extremism. Nowadays even their hackers are replaced with extremists. To think the secular Indians had Kashmir and Pakistani on their side during the 2000s…

      • First, Pervez Hoodbhoy is a Muslim like us Pakistanis and yes Pakistan is Islamic state, but one where minorities can have equal status. While Pakistan restores minorities temples, India is demolishing Mosques and removing all historical things related to Muslims. Therefore, India is not a secular state anymore while Pakistan is moving there thanks to India’s examples in the 2000s when it was under congress party.

        Second, whenever we have hacked India or gotten India out of tournaments, you don’t hear us say “Victory for Allah” like it was a conquest ( thats what Indian hackers meant). Instead we say Alhamdulillah, meaning thanks to Allah who allowed it to happen or AllahuAkber meaning Allah is great that this occurred.

        The difference is that Hindu call that hackers made is for destruction of its enemies. I don’t recall them calling for mercy. While one may argue that Jihad is the same, it is not. There are preconditions for Jihad that extremist groups do not follow. All in all, Pakistanis have mercy in their hearts and equality for others. Those who do not follow it first are extremists and do not follow Islam to the letter. This includes those who bomb or attack innocent people including those in Bombay attacks.

  • We are a little weak in hacking. But we are very strong in war. We don’t care about hacking etc. Our focus is on the war and the day the war starts, Kashmir will also become independent.

  • U can just hack our channels.but here we have hackers of ur fighters Mig21😂😂
    Shame on u.for ur poor approach.

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