KP Opens Tourism With Strict SOPs

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Health Department has issued the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for tourism, hotels, and restaurants.

According to the document, health desks will be set up at all tourist destinations, and fever checks will be carried out at all entry points for tourists. Hotel management will also be required to keep data of all tourists.


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The document states that tourists are mandated to wear face masks, use sanitizers, and maintain a social distance. It says that people will not be allowed to huddle inside the hotel and will be encouraged to make such gatherings outside.

In case of suspicion of coronavirus or any other emergency, the tourist must contact the nearest health center where they will receive the first aid and will be kept in isolation if required.


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Further, awareness pamphlets carrying information related to the coronavirus, importance of social distancing, and frequent handwashing with soap will be distributed from place to place.

Tourist hotels and restaurants will have fixed arrival and departure times. Hotel rooms will be disinfected daily, and the staff will wear a safety kit.

According to the document, Deputy Commissioners and DHOs will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of SOPs.

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