PCB Escalates Umar Akmal’s Corruption Case to International Court for Sports

The Pakistan Cricket Board has decided to file an appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), in Lausanne, Switzerland, against the reduction of Umar Akmal’s ban for breaching the PCB Anti-Corruption Code.

The decision was made following a review of the detailed order of the independent adjudicator who reduced the ban from 36 to 18 months.

Under Article 7.5.4 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code, an appeal against the decision of the independent adjudicator lies exclusively before the CAS.


Breaking: Umar Akmal’s Sentence Reduced to 18 Months

The PCB takes matters relating to anti-corruption very seriously and firmly maintains a zero-tolerance approach. The PCB believes a senior cricketer like Umar Akmal was aware of the consequences when, after having attended a number of anti-corruption lectures at the domestic and international level, having witnessed the consequences of indulging in corrupt conduct, still failed to report the approaches to the relevant authorities.

The PCB doesn’t take any pride in seeing a cricketer of Umar’s stature being banned for corruption, but as a credible and respectable institution, we need to send out a loud and clear message to all our stakeholders that there will be no sympathy whatsoever for anyone who breaches the regulations.

The PCB, in its commitment and drive against corruption in sports, has already submitted a draft proposal with the relevant government authorities around legislation on criminalizing corruption in sports and has also reviewed the existing legislation enacted within Pakistan whilst noting that the same fail to adequately target and address corruption/illegal manipulation in sports.


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“In the draft paper, the PCB has proposed severe sanctions pertaining to corruption, illegal manipulation, betting, match, and spot-fixing as well as aiding and abetting such conduct; and proposes the penalties to be imposed on individuals found guilty of engaging in such offenses.”

Earlier, Umar Akmal had said that he will look for ways to further reduce the ban so that he can return to playing cricket for his country.

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  • It’s like PCB hates him. If some English Aussie Indian player had did what he did he would have easily made a come back in his team

  • PCB should be ashamed of their behavior. By throwing dirty laundry in front of strangers you must bring shame to yourself. Look what happened to PIA fiasco. We became a laughing stock and dozens of Pilots have lost the jobs. Now Pakistanis will again be portrayed as Corrupt people in sports by these stupid acts. Shame on PTI and PCB officials who are STUPID as FCUK.

  • Learn from India, America and other countries. They protect their values, reputation and their people. Have you seen any Indian Cricket board’s escalation to international forums for their Indian cricketers?. Pakistanis officials and BABUS are the biggest Enemy of Pakistan. They bring shame to all Pakistanis while settling their personal scores. I have never imagined that Imran Khan led government will be that stupid. I am stating it since PCB Chairman is a Close friend of Imran Khan and is selected by him. Shame on Imran Khan by doing bad publicity to Pakistan.

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