FBR Launches Action Against Its Top Officials

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has intensified action against irregularity, corruption and inefficiency and suspended ten more officers.

After getting approval from Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to take action against two of its top officials allegedly involved in corruption.

The suspended Customs officers included seven Inspectors, two Superintendents and one Appraising Officer. Since July, so far 36 officers and 19 officials have been suspended whereas three employees have been dismissed from service.


FBR to Take Action Against Internal Corruption & Irregularities

Three FBR officials have been dismissed from the services since the previous month. The premier has also given green-light to take action against two of our top officials.

He noted that those suspended and terminated from the services hailed from various cities across the country.

The spokesperson noted that the revenue collection body is overhauling the department, by removing corrupt and incompetent officials to improve transparency.

FBR is determined to rid the organization of corrupt and inefficient elements. Prompt action will be taken against the officers and officials found involved in irregularity and inefficiency.

The image of the organization will be raised and the perception of the taxpayers and people about the organization will be improved so that the taxpayers’ can pay their due taxes in time without any hesitation and suspicion thinking that their paid taxed would be utilized on the progress of the country and welfare of the people.

An Integrity and Performance Management Unit (IPMU) has been established in FBR to address the complaints of the taxpayers against any employee. The complainant can send his complaint through telephone, e-mail and letter which will be scrutinized and investigated by senior officers. FBR will continue to put its efforts to raise revenue for the Government and will strive to achieve the objectives of the organization at all costs


FBR Rejects Fake News on Reforms

The purge against the corrupt elements started last month when the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) replaced Chairperson Nausheen Javed with Javed Ghani. He was notified of the post on July 4.

The notification said that former FBR chief, Nausheen Amjad, has been transferred and posted as Secretary National Heritage and Culture Division with immediate effect.

On August 7, the federal cabinet also approved Ghani’s appointment through the circulation summary.

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