Active COVID-19 Cases in Pakistan Drop to 13,000 Level, But Decline Has Slowed Down!

Active coronavirus cases in Pakistan have dropped to just 13,953 yesterday, a level we previously crossed on April 27th, 2020 or some 112 days ago.

This essentially means that the virus is being contained in the country, however, the decline in active cases has slowed down — especially after seeing a re-surge in Balochistan and some other parts of the country.

Steady drop in active cases is also due to lower number of new cases in last two weeks, and hence the recovery numbers have also gone down notably.

But the good thing is, since the decline in active cases started during mid-June, the number of active cases has never risen again despite spike in cases in some regions (such as Balochistan and GB).

Weekly Numbers
  • Pakistan added 4,555 new cases during last 7 days, slightly down from 4,631 cases we reported a week earlier
  • Weekly deaths dropped to just 78 (a 44% decline), down from 113 deaths we reported a week earlier
  • All regions showed negative growth in new cases during the week, except KP and Balochistan
  • Punjab reported ZERO deaths yesterday, a first in several months, and new cases dropped below 100 mark, again a first in several months

More in below graphs:

  • New cases remained almost same, showing a slight decline of just 1.64%
  • New Cases in Balochistan doubled as compared to last week as 389 new cases were registered during the week, up from 132 cases that were reported a week earlier
  • New cases in KP also grew to 523, up from 469 cases that were reported the week earlier
  • New weekly cases in Punjab dropped to below 1,000 — for the first time since first week of April, 2020
  • Weekly cases in Sindh remained almost the same as 2,333 new cases were reported in the province as compared to 2,363 cases that were reported a week earlier.

  • Weekly deaths dropped 44% when compared to a week earlier
  • Weekly deaths during last week were lowest since second week of April 2020
  • Pakistan reported single digit deaths for last three consecutive days

Overall Numbers

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