NHA Earned Rs. 83.079 Billion Revenue in the Past Two Years

Recent media updates suggest that the National Highway Authority (NHA) has earned a total of Rs. 83.079 billion in the two years of PTI administration, bringing the funds up by a significant margin, from Rs. 33.011 billion in FY 2018-19 to Rs. 50.068 billion in FY 2019-20.

The goal with this promising development, as per the reports, is to enhance the regional connectivity by establishing complete motorway linkages between the north and the south. Furthermore, the government also plans to commence the largest turn-key project for strengthening land connectivity with Balochistan and other provinces.

The government’s efforts in this regard have reportedly actualized Rs. 100.52 billion from the revenues, audit recoveries, and the austerities combined. An anti-encroachment drive has also been initiated by making use of the geological information system.

Furthermore, with the introduction of e-tendering, plantation drive, and other initiatives such as the youth internship training programs, the government seems to be making promising headway in this regard.

To put things into perspective, the report says that a 2-year performance book was also issued on the occasion, whereby it was evident that the previous government failed to make any significant improvements to NHA’s revenue, which remained at Rs. 28 billion during FY 2017-18, in the last 2 years of the PMLN tenure.

With the revenue increased, the government plans to bring about significant changes to the infrastructure and governance mechanisms of the NHA, also making efforts to eliminate the encroachment, notch-up the plantation efforts, and fortify the land network of the country.

  • lol have they failed to realize that the biggest reason of increase in revenue is due to opening of Major Motorways particularly M3, M4, and Lahore Sialkot in 2019. which were projects of Previous Government. all our trade started to flow through these motorways once they opened so yeah revenue was bound to go up significantly. they are just reaping the benefits.

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