Unilever Pakistan Presents Shehzad Roy’s Anthem Performance With Face Mask As Call For National Duty Towards Safety

For the majority of the year, the world has faced the catastrophic consequences of the biggest pandemic in the modern 21st Century. Covid-19 has affected every corner of the globe, including Pakistan, where thousands of citizens throughout the country have suffered as a result of the exponential spread of the virus.

On 14th August, a video message by Unilever Pakistan was released, featuring pop singer and social worker Shehzad Roy singing the National Anthem with a face mask on to highlight the significant importance of prioritizing safety during these critical days.


The performance was not only moving, but also served as a powerful statement that aimed to inspire Pakistanis to prepare themselves for the second wave of the virus. The timely public message was released just as the country was at the onset of re-opening after a hard few months in strategic lock-down.

The striking video shows Shehzad Roy walking up to a mic and starting to sing the anthem in his melodious voice. A minute into the video, he is joined by a social-distanced chorus of all ages, genders, and ethnicities also sporting face masks as they sing in beautiful unison. The video ends with a clear message, “Pak Sur zameen ho gi Corona se pak, jub saraay Pakistani pehnain ge mask.”

Amir Paracha, Chairman, and CEO, Unilever Pakistan, commented: “Unilever Pakistan is committed to its efforts to protect the lives and livelihoods of Pakistanis during this challenging time. With this stirring rendition of the national anthem, we aim to reinforce the importance of continued attention to safe behaviors and inspire Pakistanis to better protect themselves.”

“This performance reminds us it is our collective responsibility and duty to the nation to protect ourselves, each other, and our homeland from the threat of this pandemic. The simple acts of wearing a mask; ensuring hand hygiene and maintaining the required physical distancing can help save lives and we hope that this message inspires us all to do so,” he added.

The video was directed by Zeeshan Parwez and created by Ali Rez and the team at BBDO. The video aims to communicate the personal responsibility every Pakistani holds to face the fight against Covid-19. In line with international safety protocols, wearing a face mask reduces the chances of spread.

Coupled with proper hand-washing etiquette and social distancing, the powerful call-to-action in the performance connects to the first lines in the anthem, “Pak Sur Zameen.” The video has already been shared multiple times online from the likes of prominent government officials, celebrities, and ministries. It has also received positive acclaim on marketing and advertising platforms globally.

The strong message and video is a reminder that living in the time of Corona is now the New Normal, and that the people of Pakistan should follow all safety protocols to responsibly contain the spread of the virus.

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