Shahid Afridi Lashes Out at Government For Neglecting Karachi

Pakistan legend, Shahid Afridi, has expressed his disapproval over the abysmal response of authorities following the recent spells of torrential rainfall in Karachi which have broken almost a century-old record.

In a Twitter post, the former captain said that local, provincial, and federal governments have terribly failed the citizens of the metropolis, adding that keeping silence over the situation in Karachi is inexcusable now.


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Afridi said that people pay their taxes to the state but what does the state give in return to its citizens, questioning who will hold them accountable who have contributed towards the devastation of Karachi over the years.

Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) has stepped forward to play its role in relief operations and ease the suffering of the citizens of Karachi following the torrential rainfall and flooding.


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SAF volunteers have distributed relief packages comprising of essential food items to affected communities all over Karachi.

  • 80 percent of MNAs and MPAs of Karachi are from PTI or from MQM. They are the ruling coalition. But the responsibility lies on PPP?. What type of logic is that?. In my view PTI MPAs/MNAs should come out of twitter world and accept the failures. You did not allocate even one billion federal budget for Karachi and then throwing shots at PPP. What is the responsibility of the federal government then?.

  • As you are aware 18 Amendment that share federal power to provincial government.

    So Karachi is a part of Sindh so whoever rule sindh ultimate given power to rule Karachi as well

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