Punjab Police Receives Up to 120% Increase in Salaries

The Punjab government has announced massive raises for police officers to bring their salaries equal to those of Pakistan Administrative Services Group (PAS) officers.


Under the Police Administration Allowance, the basic salaries of officers working in the Central Police Office (CPO) and Police Headquarters have been increased by 120 percent, and the salaries of field officers by 80 percent.


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The Finance Department has issued a notification in this regard, which will be effective from July 1, 2020.

According to the notification, 240 police officers working under CPO and Headquarters will get a 120% increase in basic salary. This includes 13 Additional IGs, 38 DIGs, 23 SSPs, 53 SPs, 123 DSPs, and Assistant Directors.


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Likewise, 1236 officers from Grade 17, 18, and 19 officers have received an increment of Rs. 70,000, Rs. 86,000, and Rs. 115,000 respectively. Similarly, the salary of a Grade 20 officers was raised by Rs. 129,000, and for Grade 21 officers by Rs. 144,000.

The new notification will not apply to the officers who have got contractual transfers to other departments or those who have availed the Superior Executive License.


  • What an atrocity. Lower staff was outright ignored. No wonder they are forced to indulge in bribes, financial misappropriation and what not.

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