SereneAir’s Flight Makes an Emergency Landing at Islamabad Airport

A Karachi-bound flight of a private airline had to make an emergency landing back at the New Islamabad International Airport soon after it took off.

As per reports, a SereneAir flight was en route from Islamabad to Karachi when it developed a technical fault at 25,000 feet above ground within Faisalabad airspace. The captain contacted the control tower and requested permission to land at the Islamabad airport which was granted.

Following the permission, the flight landed back safely and the passengers were shifted to the airport’s lounge.


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The aviation authority confirmed that flight E503 was delayed after it developed a fault. The repair work started after an incoming SereneAir flight from Karachi brought spare parts.

The flight will depart again after completion of its repair work.


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Earlier on August 19, a Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flight escaped disaster after its hydraulic system malfunctioned on the way from Abu Dhabi to Peshawar.

The captain reacted promptly and landed the aircraft at Karachi airport after getting the Air Traffic Controller’s (ATC) permission.

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