Why Human Experience Management (HXM) Matters?

As we all know, we are well into the digital age and it defines our habits, professions and any other aspects of life one can think of. Every organization in the world is looking to hire and retain top talent who also happen to be ‘millennials’.

These are people who have seen the birth and rise of technology and social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. They were among the first users of digital platforms for learning at universities and colleges. Today, we can’t get away with advertising a position on a university career portal with a message saying ‘Please send your resumes to xxx email address’.

The message it immediately sends is that this organization hasn’t invested a dime in their HR. A dedicated Career Portal is one of the touchpoints in the Hire-to-Retire process we mentioned earlier and the experience you provide at each level delivers a strong message about your organization.

Similarly, if the only way your employee can apply for leave in this increasingly digital age is via email, you immediately need to revisit your HR practices. Today, such inefficiencies can be perceived archaic with the need to provide a seamless experience to a digital-first employee base having become a necessity.

To boost employee retention and reverse the high workforce turnover, your organization needs to consistently evolve and adopt digital-first tools such as the SAP-powered Human Experience Management solution.

Shift from HCM to HXM in the Modern Enterprise

What is “HXM” and why should it matter to you? HXM stands for Human Experience Management. It has replaced “Human Capital Management’ as the term was simply too limiting in its scope.

The basic hire-to-retire process is still the backbone of any HR function, but what has changed so drastically is how you execute it and what kind of experience is provided at each stage of this process.

SAP is a renowned multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.  SAP Success Factors is one of the leading HXM solutions in the world which will enable you to deliver the best-in-class experiences to your job candidates & employees at every touchpoint.

From a state-of-the-art career portal, performance & goals management system, to succession planning and learning management, SAP Success Factors offers it all so you can transform your HR with modern HXM right away!

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