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Pak Suzuki Announces Up to Rs. 1 Million Price Increase for its Cars

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) is evidently on the path of breaking all records pertaining to price hikes, as the company has just gone on to bump up the prices of their vehicles, again. The prices have been made effective as of today.

These are the new prices going forward:

Cars Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
Cultus VXR 1,745,000 1,780,000 35,000
Cultus VXL 1,865,000 1,900,000 35,000
Cultus AGS 1,985,000 2,030,000 45,000
Jimny 3,990,000 4,490,000 500,000
Vitara 5,500,000 6,500,000 1,000,000

4 days ago, an image of a fabricated Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) circular went viral on social media, which stated Suzuki had bumped up the prices of their cars. The news spread across social media like wildfire but upon verification from the regional office of the company, it was later revealed that the news was fake.


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The reason as to why this news would be a hard pill to swallow for a vast majority of people is because this is the 6th time Suzuki has jacked up the prices of its vehicles in just 9 months.


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The first price hike took place on January 1st, 2020, where prices of the entire PSMC car lineup, were revised. The 2nd price bump came about on July 2nd, 2020, in which, PSMC bumped up the prices of the entire bike lineup. The 3rd price bump came on July 6th, for the new Suzuki Alto. The 4th price hike was announced just over 3 weeks ago for the Bolan & Ravi and the 5th price hike happened yesterday when all the bike prices were revised. The current price hike happens to be the 6th.

It is pertinent to mention that Pak Suzuki’s sales went down dramatically in the past couple of months due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. However, the automaker began seeing a slight resurgence in the sales figures after the easing of lockdowns. Still, the demand is not exactly ideal due to a myriad of substantial price hikes. And with the latest price hike ranging up to a monumental Rs. 1 million (Suzuki Vitara), PSMC’s reputation is going to nosedive.

  • ہاں تو میرے پاکستانی ہم وطنوں (خاص کر قوم یوتھ) کیسی لگی تبدیلی؟ یاد ہے وہ دور جب دو سال پہلے کلٹس کی قیمت میں کرولا ملتی تھی۔ اور آپ لوگوں کو تبدیلی کے مزے لینے تھے۔ اب لو مزے۔

  • My God, 14.5 men khudda vxr mile gi hamen. In suzuki walo ko koi poochhne wala nhi hai, Don bane howe hain Pak men. Logo ki majboorio ka faida uthate hain ye log. Kya kiya jai mera bhi budget tight hai wrna men dhookun bhi na suzuki pe.

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