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BAIC is Launching the D20 Sedan in Pakistan for the Price of a Cultus

BAIC is a Chinese automaker that began operations in Pakistan in 2018, following the acquisition of Sazgar Engineering Works’ greenfield status under the auto policy 2016-21. Since that time, the only major appearance that they made with their products was at the PAPS 2020 expo at Lahore, with vehicles such as the D20 hatch-back, the X25 crossover and the BJ40 off-road SUV.


BAIC Planning to Launch X25 Compact SUV in Same Price Range as Suzuki Cultus

The company has now revealed plans to launch the D20 hatchback variant as well, which, according to BAIC, will cost the same as Cultus.

Sazgar is set to launch the BAIC D20 sedan variant soon. In terms of looks, the car is reminiscent of the Suzuki Liana, with an overall body profile and proportions, a high center roof-line and a short hood and trunk.

Since we’ve already seen the BAIC D20 hatch-back in the PAPS auto show, we know that the sedan version will also feature the same 1.3 liter and 1.5 liter engines that make 100 and 113 horsepower respectively. The 1.3 liter variant will be offered with a 5-speed manual transmission whereas the 1.5 will be offered with a choice between a manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission.


Cultus Killer? BAIC Unveils the D20 Hatchback for Pakistan

In terms of features and amenities, as of now we are aware that the car shall have driver and passenger airbags, alloy rims, daytime running lights, parking sensors, a smart infotainment system, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) technology, ISO FIX child-seat anchor, an immobilizer system, electronic throttle, electronic headlight leveling and adjustment.

The car is a complete package in terms of basic features that are comparable to those of a high-end car in our market, that as per the company, can be had for an estimated Rs. 1.9 million, which is “Cultus Money”.

As a matter of fact, most of the products that are to be launched in Pakistan by BAIC, will be, as per the automaker itself, reasonably priced. Given that fact, this newcomer in the Pakistan automotive market is very likely to be a formidable contender to the likes of Honda City, Toyota Yaris and other affordable sedans.

  • During PMLN’s time the cultus used to cost 10 lakh rupees. What happened in just 2 years that now the same car is costing us 19 Lakh rupees. What went wrong with this country in less than 2 years?. You can spew venom on me and can abuse me, but economic situation was far better during PMLN time than it is now.

    • so why did PML took $60+ billion loan if economy was so good ?
      since 1947-2013 pakistan took $56+ billion?

      • @shahzaib There is a famous saying that “A lie repeated thousand times becomes a truth”. This is what exactly blind followers of PTI do. You are lying to the core with no shame left. Our economy was increasing at the rate of 5% every year. Pakistan’s total debt was 60 Billion Dollars when PMLN take over and when they left it was 70 Billion US Dollars. This was despite the fact that our forex reserves crossed 20 Billion US Dollars. So how come PMLN added 60 billion to the total amount?. Mathematically it will never make sense. But a blind follower of PTI will never understand even the simple mathematics. Get out of ethnic, regional and logical bias to understand the truth.

        • @malikjee. My dear friend, apart from sprouting big words that would appear to be factual. I’m afraid you’re as blind as they come. Our economy was indeed increasing at 4-5% during PML-N’s tenure, but that was a consumer based growth, which actually destroyes a country like CANCER. To explain this, our exports barely stood at $20 billion, while our shot to $50 billion! Let that sink in, our annual trade deficit was $30 billion! Which means our country had to annually bridge this gap by taking load, a gift given by PMLN and PPP to Pakistan, because remittances only go a long way. The question about the price of cultus increasing, that’s thanks to the exact status quo this government is challenging, as well as the corrupt and selfish policies made by our beloved leader over the last 30 years. Before criticizing others, please do some research paper from political lies spread by our monarchist political parties.

          • @Hamza Iftikhar Ah the same storyline of every PTI follower. Status quo bla bla. Our current economic minister is from PPP. All ministers are former PMLQ and PPP Ministers. So why Imran Khan is not breaking status quo?. IMRAN KHAN IS THE FACE OF STATUS QUO. He is protecting the old corrupt ministers. Also I hope no Economist will see your comment as you are declaring consumer based growth as the cancer. Your comment has nothing to do with Economic principles. Your comment can only satisfy the emotional blind crown and no one else.

            • Correct. Thats why we conclude that PTI is as junk PMLN was. No change was brought about. That does not mean PMLN should be put back in power. Both must be shoed out alongwith PPP. We should make you the president and since you are fully aware of the Economics of the country, you shall fare better.

        • No need to clear any pti follower because pti is investing a good amount on their social media wing and these people never understand you because they are paid good!

  • 2 years before cultus was about 1.1 million worth and now 1.9 million
    Thanks to so called corruption free PTI and IK.
    We are speeding back to stone ages.

  • I am very happy to see our economy and wealth grow so much that we are now comparing price hikes of cars like the price hikes of vegetables. When did we become so rich?

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