New Update Allows Mi Health App Users to Monitor Heart Rate With Camera

According to a recent report by XDA developers, the Mi Health app that was introduced last year now allows users to check their heartbeat even if their phone does not have the required sensors.

The v2.7.4 version of the app measures the user’s heart rate using nothing but the phone’s camera. Here’s a video showing how it is done:

The process is relatively simple. All users have to do is put their index finger on the camera lens and wait for the app to measure the heart rate.


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The process is accompanied by a progress bar, which shows how much time is left. Users have to wait for it to reach 100 percent before removing the finger.

After the measurement, the app prompts you to select your physical state, which can be General Status, Resting Stare, or After Exercise. Based on this, the users will get a test report detailing whether the heart rate is low, normal, or fast.

Like fitness bands, the heart rate data is stored in the app to deduce long term graphs and insights. The data is shown in the app’s dashboard, allowing users to keep track of their heart rate.

If you want to install the application, you will have to look for its APK file since it is not available on the app store or play store.