Pakistani Man Commentating In Australian Accent Goes Viral [Video & Reactions]

When it comes to cricket, Pakistan is a nation that is obsessed with the game.

The love Pakistanis possess for cricket knows no bounds and this individualโ€™s video of commentating in an Australian accent is a testament to our craze for the game.


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Have a look at the video first:

Twitterati has heaped praise on the individual commentating in the Australian accent on the roadside.

Shaniera Akram loved the Australian accent.

Some wanted him to feature in the PSL 6.

And replace Ramiz Raja.

He won others over with his expressions.

That giggle at 0:45 is just gold.

Some claimed that it is the best piece of commentary they have heard in a long time.

Even those who disliked cricket loved him.

He now has fans across the border and renowned Bollywood star, Raveena Tandon, is one of them.

And they want him to commentate during the IPL 2020.

Everything about the video is just wholesome.

Especially, the Chacha jee clapping towards the end.

What do you think of this man’s commentary? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.