Xiaomi is Crowdfunding a Smart Humidifier for Just $29

Xiaomi, under its crowdfunding platform, has launched a MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier to keep the air indoors fresh and crisp during winters. Like most MIJIA products, this humidifier can also be controlled via the MIJIA app.

According to the company, the new humidifier comes with a new type of water pump and a dual duct automatic circulation pump that works in combination to continuously evaporate the water into the humid airflow and send it out.

The pump works by spraying the filter element with water and then evaporating it. The whole process is supplemented by a redesigned waterway and air duct system to form a double cycle of internal and external circulation. To complement this, the humidifier body has as many as 240 air holes. Hence, the air enters and leaves at the same time.

Additionally, the humidifier is equipped with a filter element composed of high-density water-absorbent fibers. This filter prevents the spread of impurities in the water, and according to Xiaomi, it can efficiently filter tap water as well by removing all the impurities. This makes it ideal for babies and the elderly.

The device is battery powered and can humidify for 19 hours on a single charge. It is currently being crowdfunded at a $29 price tag.