SECP Takes Action After Data Leak of SAPM Bajwa’s Family & Assets

Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has served show-cause notices to its 8 high-ranking officers and warning letters to 2 senior officials over their involvement in leaking the data of family members of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Information and Chairman CPEC Authority, Lt. Gen. (r) Asim Saleem Bajwa.

The show-cause notices and warning letters have been served on the recommendations of a high-level investigation committee, led by SECP commissioner Sadia Khan, instituted by Chairman SECP Aamir Khan to probe the data breach of SECP.


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According to details, the show-cause notices have been served to Arslan Zafar Hijazi, Additional Director of Market Surveillance department and son of former SECP Chairman Zafar Hijazi, Zahid Hussain, Joint Director IT department, Hussain Sarosh, Deputy Director IT department, Muhammad Sohail, Assistant Joint Director (AJD) IT department, Hammad Ahmed, Deputy Director IT department, Sadiq Shah, AJD Companies Registration Office (CRO), Abil Ali Abid, AJD CRO, and Syed Jamal Zaidi AJD CRO.

These officials will appear before the SECP’s HR department with written responses to the show-cause notices on 29 September.


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Meanwhile, warning letters have been issued to Amir Waheed, Director IT department, and Zulfiqar Shams, Management Executive CRO.

The committee has also suggested stern action in line with the SECP’s HR manual against those who have been served show-cause notices while it has directed to exercise caution in the future to the officials who have been issued warning letters.

On Tuesday, Chairman SECP also called upon Prime Minister Imran Khan to apprise the premier with the ongoing inquiry into the SECP’s data breach.

  • This is a very bad move. Now in the future no one will talk about any internal corruption. Also it is a shame that one organization is putting their reputation on the line just to protect their one retired person. This example is showing us that some people are considered holier than others and they are untouchables. Also NAB has taken no action and is silent. This is not the Pakistan that we deserve. We deserve a country where no one is above the law. Please treat everyone equally. If Politicians can be summoned to NAB then a Retired A_rmy officer should be summoned to NAB as well. Selective Accountability is a form of Corruption as we should avoid such corruption at all costs.

    • Malik you seems to be a part of patwari and qadiani group that are working with enemies of Pakistan and are working closely with foreign agents to harm Pakistan in this 5th generarion hybrid warfare. Our Paak Fouj is our pride and no one should question them. We are always standing with them no matter what.

      • Pak Fauj is our pride only when it stays the heck out of politics. I would be glad to say that Pak Fauj is the organisation solely responsible for the country’s destruction. People like you are blinded by the fact that just because the field soldiers are martyred so the higher generals are angels. As soon as people like you realise that Pak Fauj has become our ENEMY and stand up against these BLOODSUCKERS the better it is for Pakistan as it will save the country from further destruction. Pakistan Zindabad

      • Biggest corrupt mafia in Pakistan are not politicians but these fauji generals. For enemies they create songs “dushman kay bachon ko parhana hay” and abduct and murder their own children. Kom ko truck ki bati key peechay laga kar loot rahay hain. Until fauji cancer is surgically removed from Pakistan, there will be no progress. Pakistan’s real pride are the engineers and scientists who made Pakistan invisible. Who migrate overseas and send back valuable foreign exchange. Not these low IQ generals, who only know how to make money through corruption, selling pizzas or meddling in civilian matters.

  • SECP register the data of registered companies only. But Mr Bajwa has stated that these companies dont exist?. If SECP officers are warned about whistleblowing then this means that these companies do exist. It is a clear cut case of corruption and it is a shame that people who want to end corruption from Pakistan are being threatened like that. Madine ki Riasat?.

  • If Companies are legitimate then why they afraid, why issuing warning to SECP staff? If one is legitimate then there should be no fear. The fear is there so there is something wrong.

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