BRT Bus Manufacturer Reveals Why the Buses Were Catching Fire

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Peshawar is expected to resume normal operations from 25 October after the project’s bus manufacturer submitted its report to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government, investigating the causes behind the fire incidents in the project’s fleet.

Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM) on Information and Higher Education, Kamran Bangash, has also confirmed the development.


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According to the report, motor capacitors of the hybrid buses of the BRT had been passing more electricity than needed which resulted in the fire incidents.

Now, BRT’s bus manufacturer will replace the faulty capacitors with new ones. The entire process to import, fit, and test the new capacitors will take at least a month.


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Last week, the KP government, on the recommendation of the BRT’s bus manufacturer, had suspended the BRT service after the fifth fire incident since the inauguration of the project on 14 August.

A spokesperson for the BRT, Umar Khan, after the suspension of BRT service, had said that the manufacturer will now carry out a technical review of all buses in the BRT fleet to identify and fix the issue.

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