A Comprehensive Collage of Live TV Blunders in National T20 Cup [Photos]

PCB’s efforts to improve the standards of domestic cricket have proven to be fruitful as the National T20 Cup has garnered a lot of interest from the fans.


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Although fans are witnessing some high-quality cricket, there have been some problems with the production and coverage of the competition. Prior to the start of the tournament, it was announced that PCB has signed a production deal with a consortium of SportzWorkz and Tower Sports for domestic competitions as well. The companies also produced the fifth edition of PSL this year.

The coverage of the tournament has been disappointing, to say the least, with glaring errors in scoreboards, poor camerawork, and low-quality footage.

Here are some examples of the errors:

The quality of the coverage and the error in the graphics are quite apparent in this image.

Sindh is apparently playing with ten men. Seems like an uphill task against Central Punjab, doesn’t it?


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We have so many questions with this one. Hashim Amla seems to be in the form of his life, Azarruddin coming back from retirement, wreaking havoc on the batting line-up and Akhtar seems to be working on his fielding along with his YouTube channel.

Although the quality of cricket might have improved, it is imperative for the PCB to remove these kinds of glaring errors and provide the fans with high-quality footage to keep them interested in the product.

Have you noticed any other similar errors? Let us know in the comments section.

  • IMHO its okay to make mistakes in the beginning when you are trying to change decades old, outdated production capabilities with modern ones. Doing on your own is best way going forward. We need to build and develop modern capabilities as we are already far behind in many aspects as a nation. I encourage PCB and PTV. Hopefully domestic is a testing platform for PSL or future ICC matches. This is the only way we stop relying on Indian or other established production companies.

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