Govt Planning to Take Care of Senior Citizens Aged Over 60 With New Bill

National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Rights has approved a bill that will safeguard the rights of senior citizens.

According to the draft of the bill, senior citizens will be accorded with a wide range of facilities and privileges.


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Once the bill receives the assent of the Parliament, the federal government will set up old age homes with the name Dar-ul-Shafqat all over the country where citizens aged 60 or above can get admitted. Free medical facilities and monthly financial assistance will be provided to the residents of Dar-ul-Shafqat.

Senior citizens will receive a 20% concession on medicines, medical equipment, laboratory tests, and physicians’ fees. They will also receive a 20% discount for their treatment in all private and public hospitals.

Private hospitals will also be fined Rs. 1 million on the death of a senior citizen due to negligence in medical care.


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All citizens aged 60 or above will get a 20% discount on airlines, railways, and bus tickets while they will be exempted from entry fees while visiting museums, libraries, and parks.

Besides, the federal government will also set up a Senior Citizen Fund in which it will donate Rs. 50 million annually and Senior Citizen Council to ensure the law is enforced all over the country.

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