Govt to End PMLN’s Expensive LNG Agreements Worth Rs. 143 Billion: Asad Umar

The federal government is abolishing Rs. 143 billion Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) agreements inked by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government.

Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Asad Umar, revealed this while speaking in a TV show on Thursday.

Umar regretted that the previous government had committed to such agreements that are of no use, especially in Punjab.


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The federal minister noted that the country will incur an overall burden of Rs. 1,000 billion due to these LNG agreements.

If we pass on this burden to the masses, then it would see a Rs. 10 increase in per unit tariff of electricity.

Admitting inflation as one of the biggest challenges for their government, Asad highlighted that mafias are somewhat responsible for it.

The flour bag in Punjab is being sold at Rs. 850, while a similar flour bag is sold in Sindh at Rs. 1200 and in Karachi at Rs. 1300 per 20 kg.


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He deemed the opposition’s alliance against the government as an attempt to increase the pressure for NRO.

When opposition parties were in discussion with the government, they forgot about any selected government a month back. Now when the noose is tightening around their necks, they have started raising hue and cry.

Asad said that the opposition parties are worried about their looted money.

Regarding the opposition’s resignations, the minister said that the government will hold by-elections on the vacant seats as per the law.

  • So what is the alternative plan to overcome the shortage of the gas.
    What is your government doing against mafias or is it after opposition and that too without any results.
    Government cannot hold elections on vacant seats. Its ECPs job.
    poor baby minister

  • Good effort by PTI, from open market it will cost Pakistan almost at half the rates agreed with Qatari Company owned by Nawaz Sharifs front man in Qatar .

  • BudNiyet PTI why yoou are hiding the fact that the Agreement of that time was LOWEST in price world wide,shame on you for this type of cheating.

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