Islamabad Police Introduces Street Watchers to Reduce Crime

Islamabad police have decided to introduce a ‘street watcher system’ in a bid to control crime and enhance the relationship between the public and the police. Street watchers will be deployed in sub-sectors and streets which will aid the police to tackle the crime situation in the city.


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Street watchers and police will be in contact through a Mobile app. The main responsibility of the street watchers will be to inform the police of any suspicious activity in their area and keep an eye on the domestic servants and security guards as well.

In a bid to curb street crimes, Islamabad Capital Police has also decided to deploy street patrol units, which would patrol throughout the city and especially marketplaces in peak times.

A total of 50 units will be deployed, each unit will consist of four policemen patrolling on two bikes.

Moreover, an air patrol unit consisting of four drone cameras will be used during rescue operations, ensuring safety for tourists at walking trails and guiding them to their destination.


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IGP Islamabad said that the police has been looking to maximize the use of technology and the resources available to them, he hopes that such measures will have a positive effect on tackling the crime situation and provide safety to the public.

All units will work under the supervision of the Superintendent Police of Islamabad.