Here’s How Long You Have to View NASA Space Station from Karachi

NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) is visible on Karachi’s skies and will remain observable until October 21. NASA Space Station is a large space satellite in Earth’s orbit, housing astronauts and cosmonauts besides having a unique science laboratory.

Renowned astronomer Dr. Shahid Qureshi said that the ISS is very bright and looks brighter than the 30 brightest stars.

Sometimes, the brightness of the International Space Station is more visible than all the other planets.


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The Space Station is so close these days that it can be easily observed with the naked eye at certain times of the day.

The ISS sighting began on October 5, 2020, and will remain until available October 21.


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Sighting Details

According to the NASA’s Spot the Station website, its Space Station will be visible two minutes today (Monday) on Karachi’s skies at 6:53 PM, for one minute on Sunday, October 18, at 5:53 AM for six minutes on Tuesday, October 20, at 5:53 AM and four minutes on Wednesday, October 21 at 5:06 AM.

Visit NASA’s official website for further details.

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