iPhone 12’s Battery Capacity for All Models Revealed

In its attempts to keep things different from other smartphone OEMs, Apple never reveals the exact specifications of the hardware used in its smartphones. Instead, Cupertino uses percentages to explain how faster, better, and efficient the new tech is, as compared to its predecessor.

However, usually after the yearly iPhone release, AnTuTu and other benchmarks give us a good idea of what hardware the iPhones possess.

Recent TENAA listing for the iPhone Pro Max reveals that the smartphone is loaded with a modest 3,687 mAh battery, which is actually 282 mAh less than last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max that came with a 3,969mAh cell.

Apart from this, the database listing reveals that the handset features 6 GB RAM. This information was also confirmed via AnTuTu. As far as other devices in the series are concerned, their battery capacities, as listed on Vodafone Netherlands, are as follows:

  • iPhone 12 Mini: 2227 mAh
  • iPhone 12: 2775 mAh
  • iPhone 12 Pro: 2775 mAh

If we compare these to other flagship smartphones, they are almost half the capacity. Yet Apple promises 15 hours of playback for the iPhone 12 Mini and 17 hours for the vanilla iPhone 12. However, reviews suggest that the 12 and 12 Pro can’t last as long as last year’s iPhone 11 Pro, so it’s still a downgrade no matter what Apple promises.

  • Apple is not delivering top-notch performance like the old days. still low battery, no charger, no ear-piece, high price. This is clear show case of how dumb rich people are or how easy is to loot them over expensive items which clearly perform under in 10/10 scenario compared to other tech.

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