LHC Asked to Make Airbags Mandatory in All Cars

A citizen has filed a written petition to the Lahore High Court (LHC) to make airbags mandatory in all local vehicles.


The petition was targeted at major vehicle manufacturers and government departments. It stated that there are many recent examples recently of people dying in car accidents due to the absence of airbags in them, and hence, airbags should be made mandatory.


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According to the current Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-2021, airbags are not mandatory in local vehicles, which is why the citizen filed the petition to amend the policy with the inclusion of the clause for mandatory airbags in vehicles.

The petitioner added that all new cars should have proper safety equipment and that no car should be allowed to enter the market without it.

Although the government’s ADP had been developed to provide guidelines to the automotive industry in Pakistan, it does not mention mandating airbags in vehicles.


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The petitioner requested the court to accept the petition and direct the concerned authorities to ensure that the required safety equipment is installed in all local vehicles. He also requested the court to ensure that the necessary amendments are made to the ADP.


  • AirBad to Wiay Bhi More than 800CC Car main hoti hai
    Par Khulti nahi hai
    In Any Case (SELT BELT HO NA HO SIDE ATTACK HO) Par khulna Chahyeh

  • Court has right to decided the Car Price
    Fix Kare
    660CC New Fully Automatic 1 Million
    800CC New Fully Automatic 1.2 Million
    1000CC New Fully Automatic 1.5 Million
    1300CC New Fully Automatic 1.8 Million
    1500CC New Fully Automatic 2 Million
    2000CC New Fully Automatic 2.3 Million OWNEARD 5LAC KA FARQ HO

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